Here are the most frequently asked questions by our Surgeons:

Illusio is offered to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons only.  To get current pricing and a personalized demo, request to be contacted here.

Illusio is an application that runs on an iPad.  Because of the processing power required to generate Augmented Reality images, as well as the highest definition image of your patient, Illusio requires use of iPad Air, iPad Air2, or iPad Pro.

We also recommend using an iPad stand to keep the image stable and allow you to adjust the imaging.

Illusio will provide you with the strap and marker so you can use the system with your patients.

Yes!  A limited app is available for your patients to download.  Also, when you create your patient’s account in our system, they will have access to all of the images you capture so they can share their experience with their spouse and other close family members in private.
From setup through completion, Illusio only requires 5-10 minutes. In addition, as there are no hardware or mechanical requirements, you do not have to dedicate precious office real estate to use Illusio.
Illusio’s augmented reality technology allows a surgeon to create a real time 3d simulation of post-operative results.  It is an artistic tool that allows a surgeon to use his or her previous experience to demonstrate the intricacies of procedural options in a way that a patient can understand.  Best of all, your patient’s will appreciate being able to “try on” various options like adding on a breast lift, ptotis correction, and implant volume and shape, all while seeing their own body and face!

See the options on this live image: